• How the Air Force got smarter about its aviation fuel use in 2018

    Did you know the Air Force is the largest consumer of fuel in the Department of Defense? This may not surprise you, if say, you’ve ever watched a sortie of F-35s complete an aerial refueling, or witnessed a C-5 lift (seemingly) effortlessly into the sky. In fact, the Air Force consumes approximately 2 billion gallons of aviation fuel annually – which is about 81 percent of the total Air Force energy budget (with about 17 percent used for facilities and 2 percent for ground vehicles). Operational energy, or aviation fuel, is critical to mission success – but getting fuel to the warfighter involves complex logistical and technical challenges, intricate planning, and more importantly, poses safety risks to the troops transporting it. As the battlefield becomes increasingly multifaceted, energy resilience is a top concern for the Air Force, and optimized operations are an essential component to maintaining it.
  • First GPS III satellite successfully launched

    The Air Force and its mission partners successfully launched the first Global Positioning Systems III satellite Dec. 23 from Space Launch Complex-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The Lockheed Martin-built satellitewas carried to orbit aboard a Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, Falcon 9 Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.
  • Air Force’s Officer Training School restructures program to increase quality, quantity of officers

    The Air Force’s Officer Training School is changing the paradigm for building officers, pivoting away from separate programs for line and non-line officers and conducting merged classes beginning in January 2019.
  • Nevada Guard on duty during ‘America’s party’ in Las Vegas

    LAS VEGAS – Nevada National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are making their final preparations to support the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on New Year's Eve in Sin City – the site of the nation's biggest New Year's Eve celebration west of the Mississippi. The mission of the Nevada Guard during the holiday is to support Metro Police and
  • AFRC shooting team shines on global stage

    The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) is known for providing combat-ready individuals to support the Air Force in performing its national security mission. But AFRC is also becoming known for assembling some very successful shooting teams that have competed in global competitions over the past two years. Most recently, the team of Reserve Citizen
  • AFRC Yellow Ribbon program celebrates 10th anniversary

    Organizers with the Air Force Reserve Command’s flagship deployer support program celebrated its 10th anniversary training event here over the weekend.
  • AF Reserve updates Pentagon Profiles in Leadership display

    The fourth edition of the Air Force Reserve Profiles in Leadership featuring 16 Reserve Citizen Airmen, went on display in the Pentagon Dec. 14.
  • AFCYBER evaluates Airmen with spear-phishing emails

    Air Forces Cyber conducted a mock spear-phishing test on European bases in November to assess Air Force Network users’ cyber awareness.
  • Nellis, Creech Airmen wave half-ton American flag for Las Vegas Bowl

    More than 200 Airmen assigned to Nellis and Creech Air Force bases volunteered to carry a half-ton American flag during the 2018 Las Vegas Bowl opening ceremony December 15 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.