Training for the physical fitness assessment

  • Published
  • By Greg Chadwick
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Physical fitness assessments will resume for Airmen on July 1, 2021.

Some Airmen may be deconditioned due to the impacts of COVID-19 protocols and lack of accessibility for fitness options. To assist military members preparing for the PT test, Air Force Materiel Command has developed a physical training toolkit that consists of the Physical Training Leader Guide and the MissionFit app.

The PTL guide provides guidance for Airmen on how to train safely and effectively, and is posted on the AF Connect app. The MissionFit app provides instructional videos, descriptions and exercises. The app is available for Android and IOS devices in the app store.

When returning to physical training, gradually starting a running program can help Airmen get into shape without putting too much stress on muscles and joints.

“Your body needs to adapt to your new training plan, so start slowly to avoid injury” said Kevin Ball, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base fitness and sports manager. Ball recommends that Airmen be able to walk 30 minutes continuously without discomfort before starting a running program.

If you not been physically active, Ball suggests to start with a walk-to-run program to ease into running.

The walk-to-run program consists of short intervals of running between longer intervals of walking. Gradually, you shorten the walking segments and lengthen the runs, until you’re running without breaks. The goal is to build up to 20-25 minutes of continuous running. The walk-to-run program is featured in the PTL Guide.

The AFMC PTL Guide can be downloaded at: AFMC Physical Training Leaders Guide.