• Department of the Air Force Leaders direct second IG Disparity Review

    The review follows the department’s 2020 Racial Disparity Review released in Dec. 2020 and expands its focus into three additional racial categories (Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander), gender, and one additional ethnic category (Hispanic/Latinx).
  • Not so undercover boss

    The 926th Wing’s Vice Commander, Col. Michael Cabral, played the role of not so undercover boss, Feb. 18, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.
  • Behind the Braids: Reservists play key role in first women’s hair policy change in 70 years

    Reserve Citizen Airmen have been instrumental in helping bring about the first major change in the Air Force’s women’s hair policy since the late 1940s.As an outcome of the 101st Air Force uniform board, Air Force women will be able to wear their hair in up to two braids or a single ponytail with bulk not exceeding the width of the head and length
  • Reserve maintainers keep Red Flag flying

    The Citizen Airmen of the 926th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron are dedicated to ensuring the aircraft of Red Flag 21-1 are ready to fly, Jan. 25 through Feb. 12, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.
  • Second dose, complete

    The 926th Wing distributes the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines during the February UTA, Feb. 6, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. As a reminder, it is important to get your second vaccine in order for it to be fully effective in the fight against COVID-19.