• Total Force Integration is teamwork at its finest

    The Air Force Reserve has more than 67,500 members subject to recall in time of war or national emergency. Many of those reservists are already serving regularly, and some on a daily basis within Regular Air Force units. Currently, 18 percent of reservists across Air Force Reserve Command are in full-time status. However, that number is steadily
  • New squadron activates at Nellis

    A new Reserve squadron was activated at Nellis during a ceremony at the Officers' Club June 30. The 78th Reconnaissance Squadron, "Bushmasters," replaced the 307th Fighter Squadron, Detachment 3, located in the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center. The actual activation order for the change was May 19. "With the activation of this new squadron our Reserve
  • Nellis activates 926th Reserve Group

    A new Air Force Reserve group will be activated today during a ceremony at the Officers' Club. The 926th Group, which was officially established on August 17, is a classic associate unit to the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center, and a perfect example of Total Force Integration. "TFI places highly experienced geographically stable Air Force Reserve
  • Reserve medical flight to set up shop at hospital

    The Air Force Reserve's 926th Aerospace Medicine Flight will provide unparalled healthcare service to both its Reserve members and regular Air Force counterparts at the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital beginning January 2009. This flight was established to meet the increasing healthcare needs of the Reservist surge, while alleviating the 99th
  • Air Force Reserve unit grows to meet total force needs

    The 926th Group, an Air Force Reserve Command unit, is recruiting part-time and full-time reservists to support a rapidly growing mission here. The group has 137 available positions to fill. The goal is to reach 511 people by 2013. "We are proud to answer the call of the Regular Air Force," said Col. David Culbertson, 926th Group commander. "As