• The Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

    This summer, we have the opportunity to witness a rare astronomical event when the moon completely blocks out the sun.
  • Air Force welcomes new undersecretary

    In 1977, Matthew Donovan left for Air Force Basic Military Training. Four decades later on Aug. 11, 2017, at the Pentagon, he ceremoniously recited the oath of office to be the undersecretary of the Air Force.
  • AF announces Enlisted Professional Military Education redesign

    Air Force officials announced major changes to the enlisted professional military education program today via an initiative called Enlisted Professional Military Education for the 21st Century, or “EPME 21.”A major initiative of EPME 21 is that time in service will no longer dictate an Airman’s EPME enrollment -- Airmen will only be required to
  • 14th Test Squadron welcomes new commander

    Lt. Col. Adam Fisher took command of the 14th Test Squadron during a ceremony July 8 at the Air Force Warfare Center here.As commander of the only space test squadron in the Air Force Reserve, Fisher is responsible for enhancing Air Force Space Command's and Air Combat Command's warfighting capabilities through testing and evaluation of space
  • New annual Mental Health Assessment requirement begins July 31

    Starting July 31, 2017, Airmen undergoing their annual Periodic Health Assessment may notice something new. A Mental Health Assessment will now be part of every annual PHA, to help ensure that Airmen suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues are referred to the necessary care. Mental health issues are a serious problem for U.S. Armed Forces
  • 926th Wing sensor operator is command's best of the best

    Thanks to an Air Force recruiter with a penchant for McDonalds, Master Sgt. Johann, 926th Wing, was inspired to enlist while working the drive-thru, because he thought it would be cool to wear the uniform.  Johann joined the Air Force in 2005 right out of high school. Fast forward 12 years, and he is being named one of the Air Force's 12
  • 26th Space Aggressor Squadron changes hands

    Lt. Col. Laura Kohake took command of the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron from Lt. Col. Frank Kincaid during a change of command ceremony at The Barn on July 8. As commander, Kohake is responsible for managing the replication of enemy threats to space-based and space-enabled systems during tests and training exercises. She oversees personnel who
  • Individual Reservist RDEDB applications due Aug. 28

    Applications for the academic year 2018-2019 Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board must be submitted via vPC to your servicing HQ RIO Detachment by August 28, 2017. Full eligibility requirements and application instructions are available in the RDEDB invitation to apply.The RDEDB identifies the best-qualified officers for in-residence
  • Officials announce 12 OAY Award winners for 2017

    Air Force officials have named the service's top enlisted members, announcing the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2017. An Air Force selection board at the Air Force Personnel Center considered 36 nominees who represented major commands, direct reporting units, field operating agencies and Headquarters Air Force. The board selected the final
  • 2016 Reserve Officers Association Outstanding Jr. Officer of the Year

    The 2016 nominee for the Reserve Officers Association Outstanding Junior Officer of the Year is Capt. Christopher Barnes from the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron, Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.  Barnes is the Chief of Training for the 26th SAS where he leads a 13-person team of Regular Air Force, Reserve and civilian instructors. He received