Integrated reservists win Regular Air Force awards

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  • 926th Group public affairs
Congratulations to the following 926th Group members for being awarded Senior Noncommissioned Officers of the Quarter:

Master Sgt. Elizabeth Woo, 706th Fighter Squadron, is an activity security monitor and weapons director integrated into the Regular Air Force's 65th Aggressors Squadron here. Woo was the number one selection to initiate aggressors as they entered the unit, boosting squadron qualifications by 20 percent. Additionally, she managed the unit's security program that holds 32 clearances resulting in uninterrupted access to vital information with no incidents, as well as trained 10 U.S. Marine Corps pilots on how to survive air-to-air threats during the Marine Division Tactics Course. Due to these and many other accomplishments Woo was selected as the 57th Adversary Tactics Group's SNCO of the Quarter.

Master Sgt. Cory Cain, 926th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, is a quality assurance chief inspector integrated into the Regular Air Force's 57th Maintenance Group here. Cain drafted a Field Guidance Memorandum and revamped a Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program which became the single focal point for maintenance compliance. Additionally, as a RegAF/Reserve liaison, he provided Total Force Integration expertise and continuity to the unit, relieving manning shortfalls. Cain also overhauled the unit's vehicle program, recertifying 45 personnel on flightline driving, raising productivity by 30 percent. Cain was recognized as the 57th MXG's SNCO of the Quarter for these and many other accomplishments.