Letter to 926th Airmen: Remembrance

  • Published
  • By Colonel Sean Carpenter
  • 926th Wing Commander

To our 926th Family,


Just as Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein wrote in remembrance of the events that occurred 18 years ago today, “Those who lived or served through this event will never forget where they were, what they were doing, and how they were impacted.  We will not forget the lives lost, both victims and first responders, or those Airmen who have sacrificed so much since then in defense of our nation.”


I was so proud today to listen to the Reserve and Active Duty Airmen in both the 926th and 432d Wings describe their mission, how they support the National Defense Strategy and the security of the American people. I received an intelligence briefing from a young airman who was only three years old back in 2001. It’s gratifying and amazing to see Airmen of all ages contributing to our common security. I can’t thank the leadership and Airmen of the 432d Wing enough for their professionalism and partnership in the mission at Creech.


            But, I’m also proud of all the men and women of the 926th Wing, stationed across three time zones, for their dedication and support to combat operations, high-end test and training, and the myriad of other missions we support. I’m fortunate to serve along with each and every one of you.