Vegas recruiter welcomes new ‘Share Your Adventure’ program

  • Published
  • By Maj Candice Allen
  • 926th Wing

Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service re-launches peer referral program June 10.

Formally known as Get1Now, Recruiting Service renamed the referral program to Share Your Adventure to better encourage Reservists to share their stories with their friends, family and coworkers.

“The thought process behind the name change from Get1Now to Share Your Adventure is that Get1Now sounded like we wanted Reservists to go out and find people,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Johnson, chief total force and strategic marketing. “What we really want is for Reservists to share their stories, become that testimony and assist others who can benefit from the opportunities the Air Force Reserve has to offer.”

Referrals from current Reservists are the lead source generator for Recruiting Service.

“Share Your Adventure is a phenomenal opportunity for our Reservists to give back to their family, friends and community,” said Senior Master Sgt. Stephen Thomas, 926th Wing Recruiting Flight Chief. "Sharing our own personal adventure could be the motivation someone needs to be inspired to be a part of something much bigger."

Sometimes, people just want to ask questions without feeling the pressure of speaking to an actual recruiter. This is where our own Reservists can be vital in someone’s decision-making process, Thomas said.

Peer referral has a 1 to 4 ratio.

“What that means is that for every four leads we receive through this program,” Thomas said. “We are able to change one person’s life by putting them in boots.”

The peer referral program process starts with an actively participating Reservist or Reserve civilian employee sharing his or her experiences with a friend, family member or coworker. If the person is interested, the Reservist then inputs the referral’s information into the Share Your Adventure program via website or mobile phone app.

Once the referral meets with the recruiter and is qualified, the Reservist who submitted the lead is sent a message that the lead is qualified and the Reservist is prompted to pick an award from the awards section.

"We have added wireless ear buds, a virtual reality headset for smart phones, a smoothie blender, a tool kit, an Echo Dot and a personal safe," Johnson said.

Actively participating Reservists or Air Force Reserve civilian employees are eligible to take part in Share Your Adventure. AFRC Recruiting Service employees and their family members are not eligible.

If you currently have the Get1Now app on your phone, it will still work with the re-launch.

One advantage of using the Share Your Adventure app is that Reservists do not need to have recruiter contact information on hand.

For information on how to sign up for Share Your Adventure, go to the website and click on “register your account here.” You can also download the app from the Apple Store, or Google Play Store, by searching for “Share Your Adventure Peer Referral Program” and register there.