Want to live longer? Build healthy, strong relationships

  • Published
  • By Mrs. Jamie Ellis
  • 926th Wing Director of Psychological Health

926th Family,

As we continue to celebrate and emphasize Mental Health this month, I want to take a minute to emphasize relationship building.  Did you know that strong, healthy relationships contribute to a long, healthy and happy life?  A recent study found that people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die [prematurely].  So how are your relationships with others?  I don’t necessarily mean just relationships with your significant other, but relationships with those around us.  Do you take the time to foster good relationships with others? 

Things can often get in our way that would cause us not to take the time to build strong relationships such as, being busy with life, lack of trust of others, and past hurts. These are just a few reasons we pull away and feel that fostering relationships is hard, if not impossible.  However, we are built as humans to have and form relationships, even back to the caveman times.  Yes, I love history, and when I watch these shows about the early man and woman, I noticed a pattern. They formed groups and stayed together.  Being together was important to their survival.  It is important to us, because it makes us feel like we are part of something and gives us hope. It is whom we survive life with.

Relationships can sometimes be difficult or just need tweaking.  The Air Force has some great programs to help foster good relationships.  The Family Advocacy Program is one such program.  They have educational classes, which are open to all. They also offer consults on things like child abuse/neglect, domestic violence and intimate partner sexual assault. If you are struggling in your relationship and would like marriage or relationship counseling, please feel free to contact me at 702-652-0728.

Please start today by building healthy relationships!  It starts by saying hello to others!  It is essential to your physical and mental health!