May is Mental Health Month

  • Published
  • By Mrs. Jamie L. Ellis, LCSW
  • 926th Wing Director of Psychological Health

926th Family –


May is recognized as Mental Health month.  This month you will be seeing from me some information about the importance of taking care of your mental health.  Think about it. Would you continue to walk around on a sprained ankle? You could, but eventually you would be in extreme pain, possible even with a torn muscle. 


So just like physical health, mental health is important.  Taking care of yourself when you feel stressed, unhappy, anxious and using things like talking to friends who encourage you positively or working out can help before it gets to the point of crisis.


What happens when you are in crisis or if your wingman is in crisis?  I am glad you asked!  I have developed a guideline for those on Nellis and Creech to utilize.  For those at our geographically separated units, you can still utilize the guideline as way to respond to crisis, but the resources are a little different. However, I am always a resource for you as well.  (I am working on having a guideline at each GSU….more to follow.)


The guideline is on the AMDS sharepoint along with some other great resources (more to come!).  The link is (link is CAC-enabled and additional access is required).


If for some reason you cannot access this share point and would like for me to send you the guideline, please feel free to email me at Also, if you have any questions for me, please feel free to reach out at (702) 652-0728.