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myPers Mobile Capability

Applicable to: Total Force

myPers recently expanded its capabilities to include a mobile-friendly platform so Airmen can access important personnel information 24/7 without having to wait to get to a CAC-enabled desktop. Users can now log into (please review the notes below).

myPers mobile capability enhancement allows the A1 community to continue to provide critical talent management services to Active Duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Civilian personnel, in addition to retirees and family members. Users now have myPers access anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

If you do not routinely log in to myPers via a username and password, review the Log In Guides provided in the file attachments below.

Note 1:

When using a username and password, the mandatory two factor-authentication requirement still applies. The second factor of authentication is a PIN number sent to your designated email address. If you don't have access to your ".mil" email on your mobile device, you must add a secondary email in myPers in order to receive your PIN. Detailed Log in Guides with step-by-step instructions are listed below.

Note 2:

Your "User ID" and "Password" are unique to myPers. Some external links require CAC login to operate.

Note 3:

The first time that you navigate to myPers on a new device, you may receive a connection warning. Don't worry, your data is secure while using myPers. To bypass the connection warning, take the following actions:

For Apple Users

  • Select "Show Details"
  • Select the "visit this website" link

For Android Users

  • Select "Advanced"
  • Select the "Proceed to" link

Point of Contact

For questions or comments on this enhanced myPers Mobile capability, contact our 
myPers - Total Force Service Center.

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