926th Wing hosts change of command

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Jessica D'Ambrosio
  • 926th Wing Public Affairs

The 926th Wing, an Air Force Reserve associate unit to the United States Air Force Warfare Center, held a change of command here Oct. 14.

Maj. Gen. Ronald Miller, 10th Air Force Commander, presided over the ceremony at the Lightning hangar where Col. Ross Anderson relinquished command to Col. Michael Schultz.


“This unit was built with purpose,” said General Miller. “Every mission set was looked at by a team of senior leaders and we decided how to make this the most efficient and effective machine that generates vigilance and power.”


“Colonel Schultz, thank you for what you’ve done to get yourself ready for this next demanding mission. It’s unblinking, it’s unstopping, it’s always going. Thig wing, the units that make up this wing, the Airmen in this wing will always be there to do this mission.”


Through the Air Force's Total Force Integration initiative, 926th WG personnel are fully incorporated into Regular Air Force units at Nellis AFB. Many members are full time, accomplishing the mission of the USAFWC alongside their RegAF counterparts on a daily basis.

As commander, Schultz oversees the wing’s reservists working to ensure deployed forces are well-trained and well-equipped to conduct integrated combat operations by certifying equipment, developing tactics, and providing premiere education and exercise venues.

Additionally, he oversees personnel integrated into the 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing at Creech Air Force Base, Nev., who train pilots, sensor operators and other Remotely Piloted Aircraft crewmembers, as well as conduct combat surveillance and attack operations worldwide.


“To the men and women of the 926th, what you’ve accomplished to date is documented, it’s historical, it’s heralded, it’s phenomenal and it’s a little daunting,” said Schultz. “I look forward to serving you. I pledge to support you as best I can. I will ask that you make the difficult seem routine and the impossible just seem hard. Your nation needs you, I need you.”


“I can’t wait to get started working with the most mission-diverse wing in our Air Force Reserve. It’s what you guys do and it’s what I’m now proud to be part of.”


Schultz came to the 926th WG from Moody Air Force Base, Ga., where he was the Commander of the 476th Fighter Group. He received his commission through ROTC at Angelo State University and began his career as a missile launch officer in 1991.


He has flown in Operations SOUTHERN WATCH and ENDURING FREEDOM and has deployed in support of South Korea's theatre support agreement. 


The 926th WG stood up at Nellis AFB on Dec. 5, 2014. It is home to more than 1,600 members who make up two groups, 13 squadrons and two detachments across the nation.