CY17B RSSB Invitation to Apply, Change 2

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  • By ARPC Public Affairs
The Invitation to Apply has been modified to reflect changes to the instructions.

The Naval War College has suspended Naval Theater Security & Decision Making (TSDM) and the Reserve Officer Joint Maritime Operations (JMO) courses for in-residence attendance. Thus, we have removed TSDM and JMO from the Invitation to Apply (ITA). In addition, Squadron Officer School (SOS) has extended their course 10.5 days. The dates have been updated in the ITA.

Please take this opportunity to review your application and make any necessary changes according to the new information indicated in the CY17B RSSB Invitation to Apply Change 2. If you applied for TSDM or JMO on your application and choose not to remove these courses, they will be automatically deleted upon application closeout. Any remaining courses on your application will still meet the board. If you have already submitted an application for coordination and wish to remove these courses, please review Para 3.1.2. of the ITA. You will need to contact the Rater, Senior Rater, or MPS/RIO Det who can return your application to you for edits.

Additionally, you can contact Total Force Service Center for assistance. This invitation is now designated as "Change 2" and can be found via the myPers scrolling banner on the Force Development page and the ARPC public website: click on Force Development on the Total Force Service Center banner, drop down on Force Development, and scroll down to "Current Invitation to Apply." Applications are due to ARPC no later than June 12 at 4:30 p.m. MT. However, applicants are urged to check with their units for local deadlines.

For more information, call the Total Force Service Center at DSN 665-0102 or 210-565-0102. Questions specific to the RSSB process can also be directly addressed by emailing:

Brigadier General, USAF
Commander, Air Reserve Personnel Center