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'Recruiter Day' at 505th Command and Control Wing explains opportunities, mission

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- Some Air Force organizations have the option of working with the Air Force Reserve to enhance their capability to perform their missions. At the 505th Command and Control Wing here, Total Force Integration isn't an option; it's a way of life that brings opportunities and benefits to both the wing and the Reserve personnel who work here.

The close working relationship between the 505th CCW and local recruiters was evidenced at a recent Recruiter Day, an event organized by Lt. Col. Pat Ryan, the 706th Fighter Squadron Detachment 1 commander here. For Air Force Reserve Command Recruiter Day, held here Jan. 22, Colonel Ryan hosted five local Air Force recruiters for a briefing about what kinds of jobs for Air Force reservists are available at the 505th CCW. The recruiters also learned more about the 505th CCW's mission, so that they will be able to explain those opportunities more clearly to interested recruits. Finally, the recruiters met with Col. Jack Shanahan, 505th CCW commander, who stressed his commitment to Total Force Integration. "TFI is not just a buzzword or process, it's the way we can deliver the most efficient, combat-effective force for our nation. It's our way of life here at the 505th," Colonel Shanahan said.

The 505th CCW is the Air Force's only Wing dedicated to operational-level command and control. It's a small unit of about 850 people, who are located at units across the country. To achieve the big mission of this small Wing, the 505th CCW relies on more than 30 Air Force Reserve Airmen, who serve in a variety of jobs across the Wing. "Our mission focuses on testing, tactics, and training at the operational level of warfare ... specializing in command and control in air, space, and cyberspace," said Colonel Shanahan. "Much of what we can do is because of our unique composition of active-duty, reservists, civilians and contractors. Thirty percent reservists may not seem like that many, but when you realize that makes up about 10 percent of our people 'in uniform' throughout the 505th, it's very significant."

As the commander of the 706th FS Det. 1, the 706th's traditional reservists working here are assigned to Colonel Ryan's organization. These Air Force reservists then work in regular Air Force squadrons across the 505th CCW. At the 505th CCW, which requires a commitment of 60 days per year from its 706th FS Det. 1 reservists, many of the jobs available are directly involved with the many military exercises the 505th CCW supports. Although the amount of days required may be greater than some other positions, the ability to be flexible around those days is appealing to many people, Colonel Ryan said.

"The goal of the Recruiter Day was to heighten awareness among our local recruiters that the 505th CCW mission is uniquely well suited for part-time reservists whose civilian job or other interests demand increased flexibility," according to Colonel Ryan. 

For more information on reserve opportunities, contact Lt. Col. Pat Ryan at 850-884-9395, or Master Sgt. Sandy Pope at 850-884-9427.