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926th Wing Commander Welcome

Welcome to the 926th Wing!


My family and I are honored to serve with the outstanding professionals in the is organization spread across three time zones. I hope to serve you and, with your help, continue this wing’s success in conducting combat operations, test and evaluation or tactics development, and advanced training to help our Air Force fly, fight and win.


The Chief of the Air Force Reserve has said that strategic competition from revisionist powers is our top national security challenge. Future conflicts will transcend domains and geography with increasing complexity, but the mission of the Reserve remains providing strategic depth and operational capability to the Joint Force. The 926th Wing is uniquely postured to capitalize on our war-fighting capability and advanced test, training and tactics development to achieve the CAFR’s priorities and support our Regular Air Force partners. 

I am honored to be joining this phenomenal organization, and I hope you join me in building a cohesive team and fostering a professional work environment! I look forward to serving with you, challenging you and toasting your successes.

The Mission Needs…The Fleur-de-Lis!

926th Wing Command Chief Welcome



Welcome to the outstanding, diverse, challenging and rewarding 926th Wing. You are joining a team of dedicated professionals performing very unique missions, while supporting our Regular Air Force counterparts and keeping our nation safe.


As you settle into your new role, I encourage you to get out and meet your peers across the wing and learn what they do to contribute to the success of our organization. Every Airmen assigned has high value and contributes to our assigned missions. As you network across the wing, you will learn the impacts of your contributions and realize just how vital your role is.


It is an honor and a pleasure to serve as your Command Chief. My wife, Liz and I could not be happier for the opportunity to work for and with you all. Thank you for joining our wing. Your career is what you make it, so please take advantage of every opportunity to learn, lead, excel, develop and form your future as well as the future of those you serve alongside in the 926th Wing and the United States Air Force.

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