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14th Test Squadron

The 14th Test Squadron, the only space test squadron in the Air Force Reserve, is located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo.

Vision Statement
Enhance combat power by delivering Operational Test and Evaluation capabilities for DoD Space and Cyber systems.

Mission Statement
Reserve Citizen Airmen - A dynamic operational test and evaluation team forged to meet tomorrow's Space and Cyber threats.

Purpose and Organization
The 14th TS delivers and sustains AFSPC and ACC warfighting capabilities through operational testing and evaluation of space and cyber systems. Operational test information and recommendations provided by the 14th TS help AFSPC and ACC mature space system designs, manage and reduce risk, identify and support problem resolution as early as possible, and ensure space and cyber systems are mission capable for the warfighter.

The 14th TS is a geographically-separated unit of the 926th Wing under Air Force Reserve Command. As a Reserve associate to the 17th Test Squadron, the 14th TS provides surge capabilities, test continuity, training support and cybersecurity test and evaluation expertise to enhance the capabilities of the 17th TS. Through Total Force Integration, the 14th TS performs its mission with the 17th TS for the 53rd Wing, the United States Air Force Warfare Center and ultimately ACC and AFSPC. The 14th TS' administrative control is through the 926th WG, Tenth Air Force and AFRC, while the 14th TS' operational control is through the 53rd WG, the USAFWC and ACC.

As a Reserve unit, the 14th TS exploits the unique Reserve Citizen Airmen construct enabling the Air Force to maintain combat-readiness by utilizing some of the most capable and innovative Airmen in this country. Reserve Citizen Airmen make the Total Force stronger and more resilient while providing flexibility, continuity and invaluable subject matter expertise. The 14th TS is manned with a mix of officer and enlisted Reserve personnel with a broad spectrum of expertise and experience in acquisition, engineering, research and development, space and missile operations, communications and cybersecurity.

The squadron provides a preeminent low-cost and agile Operational Test and Evaluation resource for space system and cyber testing of AFSPC, ACC, Department of Defense, Joint and Coalition weapons systems. Test results provide senior Air Force and DoD decision makers a measure of system effectiveness and suitability. The squadron plans, executes and reports for assessments and evaluations on AFSPC-directed operational tests of space systems.

The 14th TS is led by an Active Guard Reserve commander and consists of four flights: The Test Engineering and Analysis Flight, the Operations Flight, the Cyber Security Flight, and the Cyber Assurance Flight.

The Test Engineering and Analysis and Test Operations flights provide a scoped, low-cost and agile OT&E resource. The flights specialize in quick turnaround operational tests and evaluations supporting non-traditional and traditional acquisition programs for rapid delivery to the warfighter. The flights utilize flexible OT&E events conducted as Operational Utility Evaluations to support fielding, acceptance or acquisition milestone decisions for programs with little to no available funding for test, or a short time constraint. Test results provide senior decision makers a measure of system effectiveness and suitability in a threat-based environment while assessing current system risk meant to help leaders make sound system decisions.

The Cyber Security and Cyber Assurance flights provide world-class Cyber Vulnerability Assessments and Cyber Management Assessments on DoD weapon systems. This unbiased evaluation approach provides warfighters the necessary information to be a step ahead of any adversary to include internal and external threats. The flights are composed of hand-picked cyber professionals. Each cyber member brings a wealth of knowledge from the commercial world or the DoD to support the 14th TS cyber mission. Due to the unique cyber mission, the 14th TS employs an internally-developed System Planning, Execution, Analysis and Reporting tool, which provides a sustainable, repeatable and trainable, and an efficient and consistent process for conducting CVAs and CMAs during Operational Tests. The SPEAR tool leverages the unique skills and expertise of our Reserve Citizen Airmen and their extensive knowledge base by applying it to military cyberspace systems.

Unit History
On Oct. 1, 2000, AFRC activated the 14th TS as a Reserve associate unit to the 17th TS under the 310th Space Group.

On March 7, 2008, the 14th TS falls under the 310th Space Wing after the 310th SG is re-designated the 310th SW.

On Oct. 1, 2008, the 14th TS realigned its squadron assets and organization to pursue innovative OT&E mission support.

On Dec. 5, 2014, AFRC moved the 14th TS from the 310th SW to the 926th WG.

(Current as of January 2019)